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BMC Series G3 Auto CPAP Ventilator Shopping Cart Description:


A new generation Auto/CPAP machines with advanced smart - auto features and functions , superior quality and a cost effective option for treating sleep apnea .

Special features include :

Smart Pressure adjustment .... the CPAP uses data over the previous 5 nights of treatment and optimises and adjusts CMH20 pressure delivery.

Automatic Humidifier and heated tube function .... The humidification levels required are automatically detected as room humidity differs and adjusted so is the heated tubing which minimises tube and masking condensation , the humidification function can be adjusted manually to suit your individual needs. 

Auto breath activated start feature and Auto switch off  feature when masking is removed. 

Ultra Quiet Operation ..... Using Multi-stage noise reduction technology and fine partical filtering 

Multiple methods of sleep Data Access ... SD Card software , Web based platform and QR Code Access which can be added via "PAP Link on Google Play or your App Store.

Oximetry SPO2 feature ...... BMC Oximetry kit ( an optional extra) simply plugs into all G3 CPAP's to measure Oxygen SPO2 throughout sleep.


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BMC Series G3 Auto CPAP Ventilator
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  BMC Series G3 BPAP Ventilator
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BMC Series G3 Auto CPAP Ventilator  BMC Series G3 Constant Pressure CPAP  BMC Series G3 BPAP Ventilator  BMC M1 Mini Travel Auto CPAP Device 

    Product 1 to 4 of 4


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